A family of successful individuals with aligned values, goals and entrepreneurship.

Success is driven by strategic planning with an opportunistic attitude. In an industry focused on the short-term our unique vision is to develop wealth; long-term success both ethically and financially. AAM is a modern agency aligned with the future not just the hear and now.

For brands working with AAM Agency our unified, unique service is equally as apparent. Endorsements, personal appearances and brand development become a project managed and implemented by professionals, focusing on results, not transactions.


  • Personal Management
  • Consumer Public Relations
  • Corporate Public Relations
  • Corporate/Brand Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing/Stategy
  • Crisis management

Inspire, Influence and Engage.

Our expertise combines traditional PR strategy with modern, social interactivity and techniques.

Public relations and personal brand management have become all about engagement. With outlets to audiences being heavily digitized, we have seen celebrities grown through social following and interaction, and brands shift from traditional endorsements to micro-influencer marketing.

It stands to say that the way we engage with the public has become ever more focused on the direct ‘relationship’ between talent, brands and their communities.


We define wealth as long-term finance, happiness and achievement. Our drive is to increase wealth for our clients, doing this requires respect and sustainability.


We work for success, and when we work with you, we commit. Our commitment is driven by dedication to achieve and deliver your personal success. True passion is our unique approach.


Positive influences are at the core of our strategy. Your brand is only successful with the ability to influence and inspire audiences. This ability is what makes AAM your key partner.



Discussing the objectives for careers, campaigns and identities is key to success. When everyone understands the goals you have a team working forward together.



In modern Public Relations, the way talent and brands engage with users sets the bar. To engage you must understand who your audience is as if they were your best friend.



Successful public relations and personal management is not just about how to grow awareness; it is the art of then inspiring and influencing those aware to engage.



Having the best strategy doesn’t leave implementation as an oversight. Our team implement strategy; guiding brands, audiences and personalities to a successful outcome.